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by Katrina Trinko

Andrew McCarthy observes that “moderate” Muslims like imam Feisal Rauf aren’t all that moderate.

Daniel Foster examines the exorbitant salaries police and firefighter unions are demanding from cash-strapped municipalities.

Thomas Sowell warns that Obamacare will negatively impact the quality of health care in the US.

Rich Lowry observes that Obama remains a stranger to the public.

Stephen Spruiell explains that the administration’s mortgage-modification program was a disguised bailout for Fannie and Freddie.

Jason Steorts considers just what political philosophy motivated Ayn Rand.  

Dennis Prager showcases the Left’s intolerance toward Ground Zero mosque opponents.

Matthew Shaffer wonders why ABC chose international-focused Christiane Amanpour to lead Washington-based This Week.

Kyle Peterson profiles Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott.

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