Miller Waits in Anchorage

by Robert Costa

EXCLUSIVE — As he waits for the final tally in Anchorage, Joe Miller, a Fairbanks attorney, tells National Review Online that he is “very happy” with the returns so far but cautions that “this is not a done deal yet.” With 44.7 percent of precincts reporting, Miller leads Sen. Lisa Murkowski by a slim margin, 50.9 percent to 49.1 percent, in Alaska’s GOP Senate primary.

“The absentee votes still have to come in,” Miller says. “But I feel good. The response to our campaign really exploded this past week. We’ve benefited from an incredible wave of support. Remember, Alaskans tend to put stuff off until the last minute. In the past few days, they got educated.” Senator Murkowski, he adds, “granted us only one debate — and we made it matter.”

Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and the Tea Party Express are all Miller supporters.

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