Is Haley Running?

by Peter Robinson

Today on Uncommon Knowledge, Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, whom Politico recently called “the most powerful Republican in politics.”  This year Gov. Barbour is concentrating on electing Republican governors.  But what will he be concentrating on in 2012?

I do know this:  If I run for president, what you see is what you get.  I am from Mississippi, I do have a southern accent, and I was a lobbyist. 

The next president is going to be lobbying Congress, he’s going to be lobbying other countries, he’s going to be lobbying the business community, and he’s going to be lobbying unions.  That’s what presidents do.  I feel like it’s an advantage for me to have had the chance to be a lobbyist.

As far as the southern accent?  By 2012 the country might just be looking for the anti-Obama. 

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