Shallow TV Thoughts . . .

by Jonah Goldberg

Well, I’m back from the beach and Washington is exactly how I left it, as far as I can tell.

I watched most of the Emmys last night. I thought it was probably the best-produced and -hosted one in years, but I can’t say I’ve watched them all. While I’m delighted by the best actor and supporting actor nods to Breaking Bad, I still think it was robbed of best drama series. Mad Men is good, but over-honored.

Interestingly, Mad Men has won best show three times in a row, but never wins for its acting. That might be because while the actors themselves have talent, the characters they play are walking op-eds.

As for Lost, I’m still not on speaking terms with that deceitful, time-wasting show.

Jane Lynch definitely deserved her statue, but Glee itself was over-nominated.

I’m glad that Top Chef got an award, but I hope the producers of the show don’t get confused and think they earned it because of this year’s really annoying season. If Nancy Pelosi’s going to have any more cameos on reality shows, let it be on Survivor or Jersey Shore (Fear Factor’s gone, right?).

Modern Family also isn’t nearly as clever as everyone seems to think. But it is funny once you get over the faux-subversiveness of it.

Maybe next year Sons of Anarchy will get some love. Maybe after the academy reads the review I’m (allegedly) working on for the magazine.

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