Re: Rally To the Castle

by Jonah Goldberg

At the end of the day, I’m with your readers and Andrew,  Dan. Bill Buckley’s maxim (axiom? rule of  thumb?) seems as timely as ever: I am for the most conservative candidate electable. Determining who is electable, of course, is a matter of analysis not hope. I don’t know that much about Delaware, but people I trust say that Castle may well be the best we can hope for there. If Castle’s the one to give Republicans control of the Senate or if he rounds out the sweep of the Obama-Reid-Biden seats, that would be awesome news.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that we want more liberal Republicans, we just want them to replace Democrats. If Northeast Republicans have to be more liberal than Southwest ones to win, that’s okay. A majority party must have a diversity of views in it, almost by definition. The trick is making sure that the party heads in a generally DeMinterly direction — and takes the country with it. It would be a bucket full of awesome to have a major Goldwaterite constituency in New England, but that’s many conservative victories ahead of us into the future.

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