The GOP’s Tight Spot

by Denis Boyles

At some point — maybe between 2010 and 2012 — the “political dilemma” observed here by a Wall Street Journal editorialist is going to come up against another political dilemma, noted here by Gallup.

According to the Journal:

The GOP is a more natural ideological home for most tea partiers than is the other major party, but they also suspect many Republicans of committing pragmatism, if not selling out too easily to Beltway mores. They have a point. On the other hand, sometimes you need a few “wets” to gain a majority and advance your own ideas.

Both parties’ congressional cohorts are disliked, Republicans just slightly more than Democrats. According to Gallup:

The parity in congressional Democrats’ and Republicans’ ratings underscores the conclusion that any Republican advantage in 2010 midterm voting is not primarily due to positive sentiments toward the GOP.

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