Where WFB Got It

by Jay Nordlinger

There’s been a lot of talk about how we have to support the “moderate” in Delaware, like good little prags. (I’m just being snarky. Supporting Castle is the right thing to do. I guess.) And everybody’s quoting WFB about why we have to do it.

I thought readers — especially newish ones — would like to know where WFB got it. Many years ago, Bill’s friend John Kenneth Galbraith was asked which Democrat he would like to see win the presidential nomination. He replied, “The leftwardmost viable candidate.” So Bill picked that up, in his own terms: “the rightwardmost viable candidate.”

End of history lesson . . .

P.S. Despite my snarkiness, I’m big on electoral pragmatism, always have been. In the ’90s, there was much talk about whether conservatives should support certain liberal Republicans — these were Senate candidates, mainly. I said, “I’d vote for Karl Marx, as long as it meant that Jesse could be chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.” That would be Jesse the North Carolina Anti-Communist.

A rising tide lifts all boats. A rising Republican tide — including Snowes and Castles — lifts all Jesses.

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