Another Mission Accomplished

by Denis Boyles

The American-led war against Serbia has led to some successful nation-building after all. According to the Guardian, Serbia, which had to face a my-way/highway decision, is going to drop its objection to U.N. consideration of independence for an ethnically-cleansed (of Serbs, and their ancient churches and monasteries) Kosovo.

The U-turn marked a success for Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, who had spent the past two days pressing Tadic to agree on a “last-chance” formula acceptable to the rest of Europe. He was told a refusal would leave Serbia at loggerheads with the EU, which it is keen to join. Washington, notably the vice-president, Joe Biden, reinforced the message.

The ironic history of this episode — an air war launched by Bill Clinton against Serbian civilians, kind of like Waco on a massive scale, and rather heartily oversubscribed by those in the press — is well-known, of course. But it will be left to future historians to document the conflicting claims, media manipulation, and atrocities real and manufactured of this sad story, which began with a Serbian madman and ends with a  new European “nation” led by a Muslim clique tainted with terrorism and corruption. Let’s call it “victory” and move on.

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