Desecrating the Day

by Shannen W. Coffin

What galls me most about Terry Jones publicity stunt (if I hadn’t seen his picture, I would have thought this was some Monty Python satire by the other Terry Jones) is that he is desecrating September 11. That day may not be sacred in the Almighty sense, but it should be kept sacred in a national sense. We should do nothing to dishonor those who died and those who saved others from dying. By distracting attention from what happened on that day, Pastor Dimwit is doing just that. At the same time, he is making it easier for those who want to forget why we fight to change the subject. He has gotten far too much attention for the pastor of a supposedly 50-member church, and I have already said too much about him. But it is worth reminding ourselves not to lose sight of what happened that day nine years ago.

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