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by Katrina Trinko

Ibn Warraq examines Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s “moderate” writings on Islam.

Robert Joseph and Eric Edelman argue for delaying the vote on the New START.

Thomas Sowell explores how the vague term “social justice” hampers policy debates.

The Editors argue that the proposed Small Business Lending Fund illustrates how the government hurts rather than helps the economy.

Andy McCarthy critiques Obama’s understanding of the First Amendment.

Dennis Prager highlights the Right’s moral nuance (and the Left’s lack of it) in the current Ground Zero mosque debate.

Mona Charen recounts Obama’s failed attempts to solve problems with a government solution.

Andrew Stiles profiles Wisconsin Democrat congressional candidate Julia Lassa, who’s running on a platform of fiscal responsibility.

Mytheos Holt reports on how the class-warfare rhetoric of Democrat candidates in Ohio isn’t appealing to voters anxious about the economy.

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