From Delaware to DeMint in ’12?

by Rich Lowry

I too hope O’Donnell pulls off a miracle. If she doesn’t, Chris Coons is going to be in there for life and be a reliable vote against everything we hold dear for decades. But there’s no question that everyone is right in here to point out that if the cost of the wave of limited-government, constitutionalist activism that’s changed the political landscape over the last year is one senate seat, there’s no question that it’s worth it. On another front, Jim DeMint may now be a hated man among many of his fellow Senate Republicans, but, as I was tweeting last night, if I were him I would begin to think about the possibility of running for president. Someone is going to tap into the sentiment we’ve seen in the GOP primaries this year in the 2012 nomination fight. If Palin doesn’t run, that “from the Republican wing of the Republican party” slot is going to be up for grabs (and highly sought after).

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