Fall Reading

by Yuval Levin

Now that recovery summer has ended, it is time to get serious again about our nation’s challenges, and the fall issue of National Affairs is here to help you do that. Among the essays in this new issue (which marks the magazine’s first birthday): 

–Daniel DiSalvo on the scourge of public-sector unions
–Jason Thomas on how we should understand the national debt
–Jeffrey Anderson on spending and the Constitution
–Wilfred McClay on Obama and the moral equivalent of war
–Frederick Hess on whether school choice works
–Joshua Hawley on how the 1912 election continues to shape our politics
–Patrick Roberts on presidents and disaster response
And much more. Some are available to all, others only to subscribers—and here is where you can subscribe, it’s cheap and easy. While you’re at our website, you should also have a look at our archive, the extraordinary 40-year Public Interest archive, and our daily roundup of social science.

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