NYT Joins the Obamacare PR Rollout

by Stephen Spruiell

An actual lede from this morning’s paper:

Sometimes lost in the partisan clamor about the new health care law is the profound relief it is expected to bring to hundreds of thousands of Americans who have been stricken first by disease and then by a Darwinian insurance system.

“Sometimes lost…” True. Only a massive PR campaign undertaken by the President of the United States and the Democratic party is preventing us from losing sight of this important fact about the new health care law.

“…partisan clamor…” Meanwhile, stories about rising premiums, the elimination of child-only policies, etc. — i.e. the consequences and the costs of the new law — are just so much “partisan clamor.”

“…Darwinian insurance system…” The reporter makes no attempt to justify this description. It is just assumed that other liberals will nod knowingly.

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