Right Time, Right Document

by Dana M. Perino

The Pledge released by House Republicans gives GOP candidates and their supporters something tangible with which to push back against the Democrats’ favorite attack line, that Republicans are the “party of no.” While not exhaustive on details, the pledge can unite the party around common themes that make sense to just about everyone. Even President Clinton thinks it was a good idea for the GOP to release the pledge and that the Democrats could use something similar as the resounding promises of hope and change fade. It’s probably too late in this election cycle for the Democrats to be able to unite around a similar document; if you can’t even run an ad touting your single best legislative accomplishment, there’s probably not a lot you can agree on.

The pledge also comes at the right time — it’s about a week after the administration spent a week sputtering about the economy, and just as people are going back to work and school and focused on the elections.

Hear, hear — and congratulations to House Republicans.

Dana Perino served as White House press secretary for President George W. Bush.

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