Whoa: Miller 38, Murkowski 36

by Daniel Foster

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta tweets the results of a new network poll: Joe Miller (R) 38 percent, Lisa Murkowski (I) 36 percent, Scott McAdams (D) 22 percent.

That’s surprisingly tight. A few comments:

1) Where would Murkowski be polling if she’d been stripped of her committee rank?

2) I’m not a pollster, but I think the write-in factor has to widen Miller’s lead.

3) Relatedly, have they polled how well Murkowsky does against Miller?

UPDATE: In response to the poll, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) just told NRO, “My money is on Joe.” Graham says the GOP will help “get him over that line,” and that he will attend a Miller fundraiser tonight.

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