by Michael Potemra


A reader passes along this delightful anecdote about Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury (1961-74):

I went to seminary at Nashotah House (the only remaining Anglo-Catholic seminary in the United States and perhaps the world) where the Archbishop spent much of his time after he retired. . . . There were many wonderful stories that circulated about his time at Nashotah. I imagine that some were made up, but nonetheless they were marvelous. My favorite one concerning the Archbishop had to do with the seminary’s proximity to a mental health facility. It was said that Archbishop Ramsey was fond of going for long walks. One day someone from the mental health facility wondered off and the police were notified. Well as it happened the police came upon the Archbishop who was on one of his walks. They asked him his name and he told them that it was Michael Ramsey. The police then said “and what is it that you do Mr. Ramsey?” to which he replied “I was the Archbishop of Canterbury.” At this point the police asked him to get in the car.

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