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WaPo Dead Wrong on the New Black Panther Party Case


Is the Washington Post, in its editorial today about the New Black Panther Party case, attempting to excuse the behavior of the Justice Department and the political appointees who dismissed the voter-intimidation case the department had already won?

Anyone familiar with the actual testimony and evidence presented to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights by numerous witnesses might wonder if the Post writers reviewed even the most basic facts before coming to their erroneous conclusions. Of course, the Post newsroom has virtually ignored the story for more than a year. But just this morning, Quin Hillyer produced a comprehensive recap of the facts and the issues at The American Spectator that the Post editors should have read before writing their editorial.

The Washington Post doesn’t even mention the completely false statements about the case made by the Justice Department to the press and Congress, the possible perjury committed by a Justice Department official before the Civil Rights Commission, and the unjustified and unlawful refusal of the department to provide documents and information to the commission in response to its subpoenas.

The Post claims that this controversy has “been fueled by partisan hyperbole, conspiracy theories and misinformation.” But it is the editorial page that is dispensing misinformation and hyperbole about the New Black Panther case and the insidious voting-rights enforcement policy of the Obama administration.


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