Turkish F-16 Pilot Joins Al-Qaeda?

by Michael Rubin

According to the Associated Press reporting from Pakistan:

A senior official of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency [ISI] told The Associated Press that there are believed to be “several dozen” people with European citizenship — many of Pakistani origin — among the Islamic extremists operating in the lawless border area. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not supposed to talk about classified information to the media, said foreigners in the area also include Chechens, Uzbeks, Arabs and Turks, one of whom was a former F-16 pilot in the Turkish Air Force.

It is absolutely incredible that the United States is preparing to send Turkey our latest generation F-35 joint strike fighter and neither the Senate Armed Services Committee nor the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have demanded the Pentagon report on measures to keep the core technology safe. If Turkish pilots are now getting recruited by al-Qaeda, do we really want them holding stealth technology? Apparently, Senators Carl Levin and John Kerry couldn’t care less.

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