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He’s Us?


Many, many wonderful letters responding to my column today, and I wish I could linger over and play with them all. Let me share just one — one more. I think I had a few earlier today. This one will take kind of a big build-up.

I have a little item on Chris Christie — and the idea that he could be a presidential contender. I worry about the “John Engler problem.” You remember Governor Engler, of Michigan? Superb Republican politician and officeholder. But girthy. A lot of people said that this prevented him from running for higher office, or was a handicap.

I further say in this column that I love the way Christie handled the weight issue in his gubernatorial campaign. You remember that his opponent, Corzine, made fun of him — emphasizing his girth in an ad and so on. I just loved Christie’s response: “You know, the economy is bad out there.” (I’m paraphrasing.) “The folks who work at Dunkin’ Donuts and the International House of Pancakes — they need jobs too.”

That’s where Christie had me.

All right, enough build-up. Here’s that letter:


Considering the people I see at my local Wal-Mart, if Chris Christie runs for president and his weight becomes an issue, his ad slogan should surely be: “I’m you.”

Fantastic. By the way, in my column, I quote a political-strategist friend of mine: who says that Christie’s slogan should be, “A big man for a big job.” Also by the way, speaking of that O’Donnell ad in Delaware (“I’m you”): Whatever people say about her wackiness — doesn’t she have the best smile in American public life?

One more thing, about mail in response to today’s column: I have items on Obama, Donilon, Christie, etc. The Nobel peace laureate. But people most want to write me about Joan Sutherland (who passed away on Sunday). Interesting, the NRO readership.