White House Not Backing Down on Chamber of Commerce

by Robert Costa

Washington — Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, is ratcheting up the Obama administration’s criticism against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

At a press briefing this afternoon, Gibbs brushed off a question by ABC’s Jake Tapper, who wondered whether the president needs to set a “higher bar,” and not become mired in fights over political money. Gibbs, without hesitation, says that the White House will continue to hammer the Chamber over their undocumented donations. “There is no reason to back off,” he says. Gibbs adds that Obama will continue to harp on the issue on the trail.

“No one knows where this money is coming from,” Gibbs says. “Why are they so heavily involved in these campaigns?”

When pressed by more reporters about this line of attack, Gibbs defended the White House position. “Simple disclosure,” he says, is their only aim.

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