Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Monday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the White House’s charge that U.S. Chamber of Commerce election advertising is being secretly funded by foreigners:

Well, there’s desperation and then there’s reptilian desperation. And this is the reptilian variety. This thing just oozes of slime and innuendo.

And it’s McCarthyite. You make an accusation that the other side is using foreign funds. You don’t have a shred of evidence and you answer — like Axelrod — well, what’s your evidence, which is what McCarthy did. You’d raise suspicions about someone. And the objective is not to actually make a case, it’s to raise suspicions and leave them hanging out there.

Here are the facts: The Chamber of Commerce has 110 overseas affiliates which give annual dues. And it is peanuts. It’s one half of one tenth of one percent of its budget.

Also, as the New York Times has written — not me, and not other right-wing troglodytes — they‘ve written that this practice of getting dues from the overseas association is not illegal, it’s not improper, and it’s not unusual.

As we heard earlier in the show, the Sierra Club and the AFL-CIO also had overseas affiliates which give dues and they engage in political activity. The money from the overseas affiliates is segregated and not used in politics.

The accusation here is that the money is being used — again, without a shred of evidence. And the irony here is that Obama is the man who ran on hope and change, and this is a pure appeal to xenophobic fear.

Secondly, here’s a man who said we have to be one with the world. He stands up in Berlin two years ago in a rally of swooning, cheering Germans, and what does he say? ‘I’m a citizen of the world.’ And now his use of “the world” is as a weapon – the foreigners, the sinister foreigners are influencing our elections in a secret way. Again, without a shred of evidence.

On Carl Paladino’s comments on homosexuality:

As political tactics this is pure insanity. I think he will retire the cup with three weeks to go for the most suicidal candidate — any race, anywhere in this year.

In a state where the last elected governor resigned in a sex scandal, his successor chose to not run again because of his own scandals, a state that is in meltdown economically, high taxes, can’t even get their ballots out on time, true anti-incumbent fervor in the state — and what does he do? He talks about homosexuality. Wherever you stand on the issue of gay rights and marriage, the idea of raising this in a year where it really is the economy, stupid — [and] the [Democrats'] incompetence — is staggeringly bad political skills.

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