Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Tuesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the White House attacks on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove:

I think the administration understands it doesn’t have an argument to make on the economy, on health care, on other stuff, so it is looking for a bogeyman, for a nemesis.

Now it started out – it tried to use George Bush as the nemesis. Unfortunately, if you’re a Democrat, Bush’s approval is about equal to Obama’s. So that’s not working.

Then they tried attacks on John Boehner, which didn’t work, (a) because most Americans have never heard of him, (b) because it’s hard to demonize a guy who sports such a splendid tan.

So what they have done instead, now, is to try to go back to the old stuff. They tried attacking Wall Street, they tried to make the bogeyman BP, and they tried, of course, FOX News. All of that hasn’t worked, so it’s now a return to the Chamber of Commerce.

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