Superquick Washington Debate Note

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

It was a political geek’s dream tonight, with two major Senate debates back-to-back on C-SPAN. This is why we love Brian Lamb!

In the Washington State Senate debate: Dino Rossi was likable, competent, impressive. Remarkably natural. Kinda what you’d expect from a Senate Majority Leader but surely didn’t see from one tonight. Murray well-represented Washington, D.C. in her responses, even happily taking ownership of Obamacare during the course of the hour.

Rossi isn’t a flashy candidate. He’s more the diligent stable workhorse type. He’s not getting nearly the attention he deserves this cycle. He’d make a real addition to the Senate. I hope he pulls it off. I think he clearly won the debate. Curious what people in Washington State, not D.C., thought though.

Off to other deadlines. Good night!

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