Reid ’em and Weep

by Daniel Foster

I’m with the rest of the folks around here. Last night’s debate between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle did nothing but hurt Harry Reid, undermining the sole plank in his wobbly platform — that his opponent is wacky or extreme — while revealing himself to be bumbling and unserious.

John McCormack excerpts perhaps the most representative Reid response of the night, to a question about why insurance companies must be compelled  to cover preventive procedures like mammograms and colonoscopies:

“We need them to be forced to do mammograms. That’s why you see breast cancer awareness month. You see the baseball players wearing pink shoes, and you the football players having pink, uh, uh, helmets. It’s because people dread breast cancer, and you don’t get breast cancer, you can — correct breast cancer — you detect it if you do mammograms. Colonoscopies, if you do colonoscopies, colon cancer does not come because you snip off the — things they find when they go up and — no more, and we need to have insurance companies do this…”

Pure gold in the Silver State.

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