The Limits of Defunding Obamacare

by Daniel Foster

Over at AmSpec, Phil Klein talks to Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.) about the prospects for halting the implementation of the Affordable Care Act via Congress’s power of the purse. Ryan says it won’t go smoothly:

“Obviously, I’m in favor of anything we can do to stop it, to halt it, but the problem we have is, he has to sign those bills. I get this question every single day, ‘If you take back Congress, you have the power of the purse, just defund the thing.’ Well, yeah, technically speaking, we can put riders in appropriations bills that say, ‘No such funds can go to HHS to do x, y, or z in implementing ObamaCare.’ He’s gotta sign those things. And he doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would sign those things. And so that means we go to a continuing resolution or something like that. So I see a lot of stalemate — not over just whether we defund ObamaCare and cap and trade and FinReg or whatever — because he’s not going to agree to our spending levels anyway. We’re going to cut spending way below where he would go. So I don’t see him signing our spending bills, which are the bills you’d have to pass into law to defund ObamaCare.”

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