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Absolut Gescheitert


In Chapter 11 of my book We Are Doomed — now available in a luscious paperback edition! — I mull over a favorite prognostication of American conservatives: that Europe, with its pacifism, welfarism, secularism, and demographic cratering, will be left in the dust by the lusty, pious, self-sufficient, and demographically vibrant U.S.A. I indicate that I am not much receptive to this particular fantasy, and add:

European nations find their identity in deep common ancestry — “ethnonationalism.” We Americans find ours in shared commitment to abstract principles, the principles of our Founding Fathers and our Constitution. Which kind of identity is better suited to weather the stresses of population aging and mass Third World immigration? I think I know the answer; but in any case, we shall find out.

Well, we may find out sooner than I anticipated. Just this last few days have seen two suggestive developments.

First there was the induction — grudging but irreversible — of fiercely Islamophobic Geert Wilders into the Dutch political establishment.

Now German chancellor Angela Merkel has told a gathering of her party that multiculturalism has absolut gescheitert — “utterly failed,” thereby placing herself as a strong contender for a Nobel Prize, category the bleedin’ obvious.

The signs are clear all over Europe. People are tired of adjusting their national culture to accommodate foreign settlers. They want the settlers to assimilate to them — and for those foreigners who refuse to do so, to leave.

Five years from today the major nations of continental Europe will be more ethnonationalist than they are today. Five or ten years further on from that, they may be as monocultural as the East Asian powers. With the U.S.A. presumably still stuck in its commitment to multiculturalism (what U.S. politician would dare to say what Chancellor Merkel just said?), we shall get a field-tested answer to the question I posed in my book.

Interesting sidebar issues here will be the direction taken by:

— other Anglosphere nations,

● Russia,

● India.

My guess is that the rest of the Anglosphere, with the possible exception of Ireland, will remain sufficiently under U.S. influence to stick with what the Germans call multikulti. Russia will veer into ethnonationalism, and India will soldier on with some modified form of multikulti out of sheer necessity and wariness towards its 160 million Muslims.


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