Notes from the White House Science Fair

by Robert Costa

Via the White House pool report:

In front of one project, POTUS tested out a wheel designed to monitor distracted drivers (e.g. texting while driving). He held the wheel, and joked about trying to drive with his knees while “eating a burger.” At a robotics project, POTUS asked to see a test drive of a robot designed to kick soccer balls across a field.

Jokingly, he suggested the ball kicker be pointed towards the press pool. “Let’s just point it this way and see what happens.” He added, “I thought it might be fun,” but the ball was not, in the end, put into motion.

This was the big news at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this morning. Robert Gibbs was supposed to have a press briefing at 1 p.m., but canceled it:

Reporters hoping to question Robert Gibbs about news from the weekend are out of luck: the White House press secretary nixed his daily briefing Monday morning. “Today’s press briefing has been canceled,” the White House said in a statement without giving a reason.

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