Maurice D. Hinchey Will You Please Go Now!

by Jack Fowler

Zounds, if this is who is running the show in D.C., no wonder America is in trouble. Watch the video below of nine-term liberal incumbent Democrat congressman Maurice Dunlea Hinchey (New York, 22 CD) – it’s taken from last week’s debate in Saugerties against conservative Republican challenger George Phillips. A unicorn is more in touch with reality. Asked about reducing the federal deficit, Hinchey gives a wince-inducing, dumbfounding “deficit, what deficit, I don’t see no deficit” answer:

Granted, Hinchey may not be as bad as his Democratic colleague Hank Johnson, who earlier this year famously asked an admiral if Guam might tip over and capsize. But Hinchey comes close. And speaking of close, that’s how this campaign stands. Not too long ago, Phillips’s was a no-way/no-how challenge; but now it has vaulted onto all in-play lists, which is why the always-easily-reelected Hinchey is scrambling mightily. He’s even has had to bring in Bubba to shore up his campaign.

Phillips is not without his supporters. Former NYC mayor Ed Koch has headed to the 22nd to endorse him. And more importantly, American Crossroads is dropping $300,000 for an ad buy. Phillips could use more, and he’s worth it — a solid, articulate conservative who can knock off the poster boy for what is wrong with the Democratic party. George Phillips is worth your attention, and more. I donated, and you should consider doing such too, right here.

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