Gibbs: Full Speed Ahead

by Robert Costa

Washington — Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, says that the administration will not adjust its message in the final weeks of the midterm campaign. Its focus, he tells reporters, will be on talking up the “perils of what it means to go back.”

Beyond November, Gibbs says the president is prepared to continue to push for his agenda in coming months. “We have a sense of what needs to happen,” he says assuredly. “Regardless of the make-up” of Congress, “we have to continue our economic recovery.”

Looking ahead, Gibbs says the president will “continue to reach out” to Republicans, even as he ratchets ups his campaign rhetoric against the GOP. “Voters expect the two parties to work together to solve problems.”

Still, Gibbs, wary of making electoral predictions, was quick to note that the White House has not had “a massive amount of meetings” about a post-November strategy.

At the afternoon press briefing, Gibbs also took care to praise former president Bill Clinton, who is hitting the campaign trail hard this month. Clinton, he says, remains an “effective voice” for the party and a “tremendous advocate” for the administration.

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