John Hood, Taxes, Spending, Etc.

by Kevin D. Williamson

All true enough, John, but that does not change the arithmetic. Our choices are: 1. Cut federal spending by more than one-third; 2. collect more revenue; 3. continue to run ruinous deficits. I like No. 1 but I do not think there is a political consensus that will get it done. I think No. 3 is a recipe for national suicide. I do not like No. 2, but I prefer it to No. 3.

But what I most dislike is that people advocating the most irresponsible position — cut taxes and ignore spending — assume that they should have some sort of veto power over the discussion. If you or Grover Norquist or anybody else has a feasible plan for cutting federal spending by 36 percent, just think of me as two big ears keenly awaiting the message. Otherwise, you are running on a platform of continued deficits, and best of luck in that endeavor.

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