Re: Regarding Obama/Biden ‘12

by Robert Costa

Over the weekend, the president embraced the veep. In a new interview with National Journal, Obama talks about a potential (repeat) ticket:

President Obama signaled today that he will seek reelection and dismissed as “completely unfounded” reports that he might replace Vice President Joe Biden on his 2012 ticket with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Obviously, I haven’t made any formal decision” on reelection, the president told National Journal in an exclusive 45-minute interview, “but I feel like I’ve got a lot of work left to do.”

Told that his answer sounded like he was saying “yes,” Obama nodded, then broadly smiled. “Take it as you will,” he said, laughing.

Obama bluntly dismissed suggestions, first raised by author Bob Woodward, that he might replace Biden with Clinton for the 2012 race.

“Completely unfounded. Completely unfounded,” Obama said, repeating the phrase a third time for emphasis. “They are both doing outstanding jobs where they are.”

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