Maybe He’ll Take the HuffPo Bus

by Robert Costa

President Obama plans to sit down with Jon Stewart:

President Obama will tape a segment on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” next week and hit the road the weekend before the midterm election, but he will otherwise be absent from the campaign trail in the homestretch to Nov. 2.

After returning Sunday from a four-day campaign swing out West, Obama will attend a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Rhode Island on Monday. He’ll then spend four of the days leading up to the election at the White House, two of his top aides said Tuesday when previewing the president’s schedule during a briefing for reporters.

Obama will tape his “Daily Show” appearance on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., while Stewart is in town for his Oct. 30 “Rally to Restore Sanity, ” said White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer. The interview will be shown Wednesday night.

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