Pelosi’s Favorable Rating Drops to New Low

by Brian Bolduc

Gallup finds that only 29 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — a new low:

Independents in particular have become more negative about Pelosi, with her favorability dwindling nine points among this group since May, to 21%. Nearly 6 in 10 independents (58%) now view her unfavorably, compared with 86% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats.

And despite President Obama’s best efforts . . .

The new poll also finds Pelosi significantly more unpopular with Americans than House Republican Leader John Boehner. Boehner is less well-known than Pelosi (58% of Americans have an opinion of him compared with 85% for Pelosi), but among those who know him, Boehner’s image is generally balanced: 27% view him favorably vs. 31% unfavorably.

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