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Pat Toomey’s Got to Win. He Needs Our Help. Will You?


I am a huge Pat Toomey fan – how can one be conservative and not? A highlight of my two decades at NR has been getting to know Pat, Kris, and their kids – the Toomeys are a super family.

Not only that, as far as we conservatives are concerned, Pat Toomey is the Real Deal. He is A-List material: a thoughtful and articulate man who has proved himself to be a vital force in our movement, a true believer who seeks to advance the core limited-government/free-enterprise economic principles that find themselves at the center of this election cycle. To each his own, but for me, Conservativism’s two most important 2010 candidates are named Rubio and Toomey. With these two men in the U.S. Senate, no matter who controls the majority, our causes will be in trustworthy hands.

Will they get there? Marco gives me no reason for concern. As for Pat, yesterday brought sour news: a PPP poll has him trailing Joe Sestak (Jim Geraghty explains its flaws). That will surely generate a flood of liberal bucks to Sestak to fund an 11th-hour carpet-bombing of the Toomey campaign.

So much is at stake in this race. Pure and simple, we need to make sure Pat is elected. That takes dough, money, moolah. It’s time to go all in. Contribute here.  If you’ve already given, good – now give again (I have). You don’t like to make web donations? OK – mail a check payable to “Toomey for Senate” to Toomey for U.S. Senate, 3440 Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18103.

In case you wondered, NR has abandoned its seasonal fundraising effort so we would not distract from your need – your obligation – to play a role in making this election truly transformative by helping worthy candidates. Good luck finding one worthier than Pat Toomey. Few have greater need of our help – your help – right now than Pat. The alternative is, amongst all the wonderful expected news of Election Night, hearing the grim report that the next U.S. Senator from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be . . . Joe Sestak.

Whether you live in Florida, Arizona, Maine, no matter which of President Obama’s 57 states you call home, this senate race is important. They don’t call it the Keystone State for nothin’. It will matter immensely who wins there. Make sure it is Pat Toomey. Again, you can make a contribution here.