Time to Can Kucinich

by Jonathan H. Adler

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Kevin O’Brien writes on the career of retiring Rep. Dennis Kucinich.


A mere 17 years after Clevelanders banished him from office for sinking their city into default, Kucinich headed off to Congress. And there he has lingered — at least when not running for president — ever since.

When he was first elected, the not entirely tongue-in-cheek assessment was that with 434 adults to supervise him in the House of Representatives, how much damage could Dennis do?

In those 17 years, Kucinich has sponsored 104 pieces of legislation, including one calling for immediate troop withdrawals and impeaching President Buch, only four of which have passed (including two that renamed Cleveland post offices).  But this meager record didn’t keep him from running for President, for which he abandoned his longstanding opposition to abortion.  

Could this be Kucinich’s last term?  Perhaps.  As O’Brien notes, it’s a Democrat-leaning district, but “it has never, ever leaned as far to the anti-military, anti-business, capitalism-hating left as Dennis Kucinich.”  So maybe his challenger, Peter Corrigan, has a chance.

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