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Search for Your Favorite State Salaries


The Connecticut Post’s website now sports a database of state workers’ salaries. Says the Post:

With the state facing a $3.5 billion deficit next year, both Democratic and Republican candidates in the gubernatorial race are looking to rein in health care and retirement benefits for state workers and perhaps take a bite out of the size of the 55,000-person workforce.

Some of the salaries seem reasonable. For instance, a clerk in the secretary of state’s office makes $42,420.07 per year.

Others seem excessive. An “education consultant” in the “Commissioners’ Offices” makes $113,450.18 a year. A few even seem unnecessary. The Department of Agriculture (Connecticut needs one of those?) employs a boat captain at $67,791.10 (same question).

The database sheds some needed light on the state’s spending — just as the Yankee Institute’s CTSunlight has done recently.


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