Another $25 for Carly

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

A reader in Florida e-mails:

Well, for what it’s worth I just sent $25 to Fiorina, and another $10 to Whitman for good measure.  That brings to a bit over $100 the amount I’ve contributed to political campaigns this month, and probably puts me over $250 for this election cycle counting special elections (you’re welcome, Scott Brown) and primaries.  Mostly these have been in the $5 to $25 range, but I figure it is better to respond to an appeal with a little than not at all.  If enough individuals throw a few bucks at some of these races, they can make a real difference.  Despite struggling with the recession I’ve probably donated more this year than in any other year, including 2000 when my income peaked at $52,000 before a series of local and industry business recessions reduced my income to almost nothing (2001.)   Since then I’ve gradually worked my way back up to around $37,000 on a underpaid (even by local county, city and federal standards) state job with no union contract and no job security.  I’ve been here long enough to be fully vested in my pension, finally, and I’m hoping to return to the private sector in the few years.  Of course, for me to do that there has to *be* a private sector, and it has to be hiring.  Hence my relative largesse this time around.  I’ll be spending every extra dime come 2012, even if it means living on ramen noodles like when I was in college a hundred years ago.  

I’m spending this money in a recession because I desperately want to elect some people who might have a clue how to get us OUT of a recession.  Unlike Jimmy II: Welcome Barrack Carter and his band of merry economic illiterates.

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