Hurray for the Underdogs!

by Michael Potemra

What a sweet result, in the two league-championship series. Who would have predicted that both underdogs would win, and end their series in the exact same manner: with a monster slugger — Alex Rodriguez for the Dark Lords of the Bronx, Ryan Howard for the Phillies — looking at a called strike? (A-Rod, I was delighted to see, showed a great deal of class after the game, telling the media, “I am happy for guys like Michael Young and Colby Lewis, guys I played with when they were just kids. They outplayed us and they deserve it.”) As if all that weren’t enough, check out the number Mizzou did on No. 1 Oklahoma; sort of takes the sting out of what happened to my Ohio State Buckeyes last week. (Wait a minute — what’s the Underdog Backer doing supporting the Buckeyes? Easy: The unwritten constitution of sports says the Buckeyes will always be the underdog, even if they are in first place, because you know it won’t last very long — viz. last week’s one-and-done. Similarly, the Yankees will never be the underdog, even when they are in last place: The only reason they ever do that is to lull people into a false sense of security.)

This concludes my attempt to pretend to know anything about sports.

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