Barney’s Rubble?

by Daniel Foster

Over on the homepage I write about the race in MA-04. I wish I could say that Sean Bielat, who visited the NR offices (what feels like) a zillion years ago, is poised to upset Rep. Barney Frank (D.). Unfortunately, Frank is still the favorite. But don’t believe the Boston Globe poll that has Frank +13 — this is, after all, the same outfit that reported Coakley up 15 points nine days before the Brown-Out. Spending a few days tailing both Frank and Bielat, I can tell you that the feeling on both sides is that this is a close race. Bielat is doing everything he can to turn out his voters, and Frank is fighting against the national tide to turn out his. If liberals stay home the way they did for Coakley, this could get interesting.

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