Re: Liberal Civility

by Kevin D. Williamson

“I’d like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx,” Behar said later. “Come here, bitch, come to New York and do it.”

As NR’s official emissary to the corner of 138th and 3rd, I’d love to see Joy Behar make a stop in the South Bronx. I’d pay good money to see her walk across the Third Avenue Bridge around midnight on a Saturday. Oh, yes.

There are a fair number of people in the South Bronx who are soft on illegal immigration; a great many of them are illegal immigrants, which invites us to apply a discount to their opinion. And there are lots of people who believe that immigration laws should be enforced. One of the things that causes people to have very strong opinions about the presence of illegal immigrants is: the presence of illegal immigrants. Which is why this is more of an issue for Nevada voters than for Miss Behar’s Upper West Side neighbors. Not that she’s a snob; I’m sure she’s very gracious to the dishwashers at Porter House and her cleaning lady. 

But the obviously cerebral Miss Behar ought to be reminded: Sharron Angle is not running for José E. Serrano’s House seat, but Harry Reid’s Senate seat. Nevada ain’t the South Bronx.

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