Meet ‘David Kahane’ in St. Louis

by David Kahane

For those of you in the St. Louis metropolitan area, “David Kahane” will be reading from his new book, Rules for Radical Conservatives, at a Tea Party event tomorrow evening (Thursday, Oct. 28) beginning at 6:30 p.m., at Fischers Restaurant, 2100 West Main Street, Belleville, Illinois.

No less than NRO’s own Rob Long has called RulesThe Art of War for conservatives,” so please come on out and join in the fun of explaining to the Left just how wrong they are, and why they’re about to get drubbed next Tuesday. And if you don’t believe Rob, then please believe Dave’s mom, our very own K-Lo: “David Kahane is a screamingly unique phenomenon. He seems to know too much about the other side to be a right-winger, but too willing to reveal truth to be a left-winger. In short, he makes everyone uncomfortable, but in the end is so Right. He’s just different enough to shake up and wake up politics, with clarity and hilarity.”

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