George Washington Scofflaw University

by John Derbyshire

George Washington University is discriminating against male students, in gross and flagrant violation of federal law. Why on earth would they do such a thing? Why do you think?

Last week, the Muslim Students’ Association and the University opened up “Sisters’ Splash,” a female-only hour at the pool.

Every week, GW plans to close the HelWell pool to men and will cover the glass door with a dark tarp, giving female Muslim students the chance to swim at their leisure. The University also hired a female lifeguard to be on duty for each week’s event.

Aliya Karim, the social chair of the MSA’s women’s group, said the organization made the effort to coordinate the swimming hour so fellow Muslims would feel comfortable in the pool.

As the indispensable Federale says:

Just imagine if GWU had a policy of men’s only swim hours for Christian men who did not want to be subject to the temptation of scantily dressed women. Of course no university or other place of public accommodation would even consider such a policy, but for women and Muslims, that is justified.

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