The NRSC & Joe Miller

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is pushing back against reports today that they’ve pulled away from Joe Miller in Alaska. A NRSC e-mail just went out with the following statement from Rob Jesmer, the NRSC’s executive director: “While I’m sure ABC News enjoyed leading Politico’s Playbook this morning, it might have been more useful if they had actually taken a moment to contact the NRSC before running this inaccurate story.  Joe Miller not only has the full support of the NRSC, but he’s actually featured prominently in our TV ad which is running still today statewide in Alaska.”

NRSC communications director Brian Walsh also points to their boss, Senator John Cornyn, on This Week this morning: 


·         AMANPOUR:  “Let me ask you about Joe Miller in Alaska – our Jon Karl, political correspondent, is saying the GOP is basically giving up on Joe Miller or thinking he’s not going to win.”

SEN. CORNYN:  “That’s not the case – what we have done, we are supporting the nominee of our party which is Mr. Miller.”

I suspect if Senator Cornyn sounded a little more like Sarah Palin on Fox, he could have put this storyline to bed (warning: non-Sunday-morning-like language): 



UPDATE: Walsh sends out another e-mail on the CBS voicemail issue: “If this voicemail is authentic, which is appears to be, it is deeply disturbing.  It should trouble all Americans that any member of the media would attempt to purposefully smear a nominee for the U.S. Senate.  CBS owes an immediate explanation to Joe Miller and his campaign.”

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