The Scott Brown of Wisconsin

by Rich Lowry

I have a longer take up on the home page about Ron Johnson. He’s really the Scott Brown of Wisconsin, someone who’s perfectly suited to the state and to the political moment and who could have enduring appeal. And what’s happening in Wisconsin is truly extraordinary:

Wisconsin swallowed “hope and change” whole, and two years of the Obama agenda has acted as a powerful emetic. Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has noted two polls that show conservatives making up a stunning 47 percent of likely voters in the Badger State. Republicans are poised to win a U.S. Senate seat and the governorship, and also could flip the state assembly and senate and win three U.S. House seats. The chairman of the Republican party here, Reince Priebus, says Wisconsin could have the most Democratic-to-Republican shifts of any state in the country.

Back in February, I wrote about the “American exceptionalism backlash” against the Obama Democrats. Ron Johnson, who talks about exceptionalism constantly, exemplifies that backlash and–incredibly enough–is thriving in Wisconsin.

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