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A Peninsula’s Pride


The sixth and final part of my Marrakech Journal is on the homepage today: here. Thanks to one and all who have sent mail, re Morocco and other matters Middle Eastern. (Yes, I know Morocco is on the edge of northwest Africa. Please don’t bother me while I’m being loose.) I would like to address just a triviality now.

Early in that journal, I wrote, “Marrakech is famed for orange juice, and it ought to be famed: This stuff really is nectar-of-the-gods quality. Florida — dear Florida — eat your heart out.” Well, a couple of my Florida friends took umbrage at that. One said, “Next time you feel like some orange juice, don’t come to me – go to Morocco.” Let me just say that I’m sure Florida’s best is as good as – probably better than – Marrakech’s best.

Also, I believe that Florida will have a better junior senator.