by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Here are mine:

Republicans win 80 pickups in the House.

Republicans pick up nine Senate seats.

Boxer goes, Murray goes, Feingold goes.

I think Frank goes. I think Kucinich goes.


Possible MSNBC & Co. spins: 1) The Tea Party didn’t really win, because John Boehner has been in Congress for 18 years (never mind that he’s been sounding like the Tea Party since last winter and has a record that fits their mood). 2) The Politico’s “everyone on the right smells Sarah Palin’s political blood” storyline. 3) Karl Rove bought the election after writing George Bush’s book. 4) Rush Limbaugh orchestrated this all.

These spins will all be wrong.

New York Times headline: “Republican Women Win, Women Hurt the Most.”

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