Marco Rubio Inspires France?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

An e-mail from a Corner reader in Cambridge, England:

Hi Kathryn, I’m watching from England with great interest and hope for this evening’s results.

I have something I thought you might find of interest.

I spent last week in Paris with a French friend whose father is an OECD economist and well to the left of myself. One morning I woke up later than the rest of my host family, as is my wont, and when I came downstairs found my friend watching videos of Marco Rubio on YouTube. Given the pro-EU, socialist-ish, establishment and, well… French nature of his household this wasn’t quite what I expected. But he was enthralled and said he was deeply impressed by this man.

Now my friend is not particularly political, and I’m not going to pretend he was entirely sensible to the implications of Rubio’s stance. Further, were his father to talk to him about Rubio I would wager that his enthusiasm might wane. In Europe right-wing ideas tend to be popular until they carry the conservative label. Still, if we are to presume that Rubio is going to win this evening, and is thus a prospect for the future, that he can appeal to the leftist son of a Euro-crat at a visceral level is something running fairly spectacularly in his favour don’t you think?

Thanks. Keep up the brilliant work!

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