Re ‘Voting’

by Jay Nordlinger

Wish to share a few responses to my below post. A reader from Illinois writes,

I was at the grocery store on Sunday and someone in line ahead of me bought some Sudafed. She needed to show ID and fill out paperwork. Last night, a friend and I went out to have dinner and watch the World Series at a restaurant. I ordered a beer and needed to show ID.

At the polls today, the guy in front of me had his driver’s license out. And they told him to put it away. They were not to ask for ID. Very weird.

Got a wonderful e-mail headed “From a conservative freshman at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.” He writes about how the campus is flooded with Democratic signs and whatnot. One sign — “massive” — was within 100 feet of his polling place: a violation, apparently.

But, to be honest, I just couldn’t stop smiling. I was smiling as I told the pollworker about the violation, I was smiling as I saw a few morose upperclassmen shuffling in line, I was smiling as I voted for every Republican I could. It’s the first time I’ve voted, and I am so proud to be able to exercise this right.

So, maybe we’ll never surpass the College Democrats in size in Ann Arbor, but today we’re quietly voting with our hearts and heads, unheeding of all the slogans around us.

Have one more, from a reader in Dallas:

Good turnout at my voting place this morning. I waited in line about 50 minutes to get up to the table. When I left, the line was much longer. Had to show my ID, and I must admit I got a little choked up when I stepped forward.

Waiting in line, I thought of my late dad, as he was on a hospital ship right off the beach at Iwo Jima. He was a First Pharmacist Mate in the U.S. Navy attached to the 3rd Marines. They went in as a troop carrier, unloaded the Marines into landing craft, then immediately converted back to hospital form and prepared for the unthinkable as those very same men would come back with all manner of horrible wounds.

He would have especially liked voting today. He was a physician, a blue-collar doctor, if there is such a thing.

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