Isn’t That Special

by Jonah Goldberg

A reader forwarded me this from the transcript of Keith Olbermann’s “special comment” after the passage of Obamacare (full video and transcript here):

Failed Mr. Boehner.  You lost.  You blew it. . . .    I would think the “will and desires of your fellow countrymen” should be pretty damn clear by now:  Your countrymen think your policies are of the past, and your tactics are of the gutter. . . . And so I offer this olive branch to the defeated Republicans and Tea Partiers. . . . You are rapidly moving from “The Party of No,” past “The Party Of No Conscience,” towards “The Party of No Relevancy.”  You are behind the wheel of a political Toyota.   And before the mid-terms, you will have been reduced to only being this generation’s home for the nuts.

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