Indiana and Kentucky House-Race Analysis

by Henry Olsen


We’re getting real numbers in. Here’s where things stand:

IN-2: Democrat Joe Donnelly leads by 2.5 with about 61 percent in. About 73 percent is in for St. Joseph’s County, which is a Democratic county, but only 30 percent is in for LaPorte, another Democratic county. So GOP challenger Jackie Walorski is not yet done, but Donnelly should be favored to hold it now.

IN-8: The GOP candidate leads by 17. GOP pickup.

IN-9: Todd Young, the GOP challenger, is winning by 12 with nearly half the vote in. It will be hard for Baron Hill to turn that around. GOP pickup.

KY-6: Ben Chandler leads Andy Barr by a mere 1 percent. Chandler should be a slight favorite to hold, but it’s not over by any stretch.

Two GOP gains — which is what most observers said would happen — is consistent with a +55 to +65 night, especially given the closeness of the other two races.

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